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Pallets for all needs, Packing Design and Manufacturing, End-boards, End boards roll suspension packaging, Roll packaging, Roll protection, Roll suspension, Suspension packaging, Basic Wood Processing, Industrial Packing, Special Wood Outlines for the Industry, Pallets Wood Containers for Overseas Shipment, Wood Drying.


In the outline of industrial wood manufacturing, our firm has always pursued its yielding policy on the base of a long and tested experience in this field, making use of technologically advanced means, as well as of a skilled staff and it offers on the international scale high quality products guaranteed by special certifications.
Legnobotti s.r.l. is able to fulfils any requirement in the field of wood packing.
The customized pallet is the head product of all the range. We can manufacture pallet according to our customers requirements or to design again a pallet of any size supplied with technical catalogue inclusive of the rules applied.
The pallet personalization starts from the need of fulfill the requirements of our customer and intended for their activity, for problems related to loading and unloading, to move and identify the product, to guarantee static and dynamic capacity, so that you can avoid the cost of an outsize pallet.

Thanks to a special simulator software which analyses the dynamic and statics behavior in several state of employing (to the ground, stacked, lifted by pitchforks, piled up on shelves on the long side and on the short side and in case of impact).

One of our core business is the production of the suspension packaging for the reels of film. We produce (end-plate, end-boards) a wide range of different type and dimension (usually get used the chipboard material).

Full automatic production lines which allow to fulfill our customers' requirements either with standard and ratified pallet (EUR-EPAL CP) or with the customized and outside ones.

Examples of special products are manufactured according to the specification that the customers provide us with.

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